Submissions for the 2023 Conference Are Closed

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ISBD would like to showcase the amazing work that our members do year-round outside of the Conference. ISBD will give special consideration to submissions that represent collaborations between ISBD Chapters, Task Forces, or members of the Early Mid-Career Committee (EMCC).

DETAILED SUBMISSION INFORMATION | Please be sure to read the full submission guides below very carefully before submitting a proposal.

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New & Trending Oral Presentations: New and Trending Oral presentations will be brief, 5-minute presentations that address recent developments in the field, followed immediately by 5-minute discussion. There will be up to 5 presentations per 1-hour session.  Attendees interested in presenting an oral presentation will submit in the Poster/Oral category.

Posters:  ISBD will hold traditional poster sessions as well as give presenters the opportunity to upload their poster electronically with an audio file so that attendees can enjoy the posters outside of conference hours.

Please note that only one presenter is allowed per presentation (for both posters and orals) and that co-authors are not eligible to co-present during the meeting due to accreditation standards.

Read the Full Poster/New & Trending Oral Presentation Submission Guidelines Here


Chairs Review & Finalize Proposed Sessions for Symposia & Interactive Workshops
DEADLINE EXTENDED: Tuesday, October 25th


Symposia will be 60 minute sessions and consist of a Chair and a maximum of 3 speakers.

Each Symposium should be structured to incorporate audience member discussion, i.e., introduction 3 minutes, three presentations of 15 minutes. Each 15-minute session should consist of 10 minutes for the actual presentation and allow 5-minutes for Q&A. At the end of the session there should be 5 minutes for concluding remarks from the Chair.

In addition to providing a brief abstract, presenters will be required to answer the following questions as a part of their submission:

  • What is new or novel about your study/research/project? For example, do you have unpublished data or findings that are on the cusp of being published?
  • What is the clinical/research significance of your work? In other words, what are the key/important take home messages? Specifically, what are the implications for clinical practice – real world applications? Or what does your work mean for future research – does it advance understanding, if so, how?
  • Who are your target audience? Clinicians, researchers, consumers, careers? How do you intend to ensure you engage the audience and make your presentation interactive?

Read the full Symposia Submission Guide Here 


Chairs Review & Finalize Proposed Sessions for Symposia & Interactive Workshops
DEADLINE EXTENDED: Tuesday, October 25th


Interactive Workshops provide the opportunity for more intensive interactive learning opportunities. Interactive workshops will be a 120 minute session and consist of a Chair and a maximum of 3 speakers.  These sessions will require attendees to sign up on a first come, first serve basis to ensure a small, engaged audience for maximum interaction.  These workshops should be interactive in nature and utilize interaction tools to engage the audience.

 Read the Full Interactive Workshop Submission Guidelines Here


Questions about submissions?  Contact the Conference Organizers at or  +1 (615) 324-2365